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After training you are tired and fatigued, your muscles are cramped from the depletion of glycogen levels, making a post-workout shake rich with carbs ideal for refilling those muscles, it has been proven that by having a post workout shake within 30minutes of exercise exploits a key window for growth.

Taking in carbs after workout also has been proven to promote a substantial insulin release, this glycogen replenishment also accelerates protein repair.

Then the combination of proteins and creatines amongst other active nutritional ingredients rebuild the structural aspects of the muscle. After exercise, the body decreases its rate of protein synthesis and increases its rate of protein breakdown. However, the provision of protein and amino acid solutions has been shown to reverse this trend, increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown.

Unsure about which fat blocker is right for you? Feel free to contact a member of our team either on the online chat feature on our website or on the phone; 01977 55 44 55

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