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TORQ fitness is a supplement company relatively new to affordable supplements, their product range is pretty specific unlike most other supplement companies , however they have a vast knowledge in the field of endurance/cycling and use this to their advantage to provide products specific to what they know, so that they can excel in that fields.

Starting with their TORQ energy, it is a complex carbohydrate energy drink which is made from maltodextrin, this enables the user to optimise the long-term energy providing properties of complex carbohydrates, without the need to consume bulk starch-rich foods, which prevents bloating and cramping, not to mention unparalleled inconvenience.
TORQ's energy bars are also wheat free which is often hard for endurance athletes to find, which adds to the brilliance of these products, certainly engineered with everyone in mind!
All TORQ products are in stock and available for free same day dispatch, if you require any more information about any of the products in the TORQ range, please do not hesitate to contact us either on the online chat feature we have on our website or on the phone; 01977 554455

bodybuilding supplements at discount prices including maximuscle cyclone, reflex instant whey and other sports supplements
4.9 / 5 stars