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Science In Sport

As the name suggests, science in sport, is a nutrition company driven predominantly by research, the company has a mix of qualified sport scientists, food technologists and physicians alongside athletes who have competed at a world class level!

Initially Science in Sport grew in cycling thanks in part to the use and endorsement of the products by Chris Boardman, who liked the company ethos and helped to inspire the creation of REGO, total recovery sports fuel.

To date Science in Sport have helped to win Olympic Golds, World Championships, Premiership Titles and set numerous World Records. Science in Sport designs, develops and manufacturers its own products such as its go electrolytes, energy gels and sports drinks, to ensure they are of the highest quality - they have to be, they don't know when an Olympic medal or World Cup may depend on it!

Science in Sport is continually striving to innovate and improve products to assist all athletes to reach their goals and maintain its position as leaders in sports nutrition.

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