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Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements

1. Protein PowdersMuscles are primarily composed of protein, and protein powder is the number one supplement to fill the muscles with the proper replenishment. With so many different protein powders to choose from, there is a flavor out there that works for everyone. 

2. CreatineCreating is an excellent supplement for anyone who is looking to gain the right weight. Creatine can help any body builder gain up to 7 pounds in a week! Creatine functions by feeding the muscles creatine phosphate, which is part of all fast twitch muscle fibers.

3. ArginineNot only is arginine great for boosting results, but it's helps aesthetics! Arginine gives a boost in stren

gth and stamina while helping the body increase nitric oxide, which helps give more of a veiny, dense body. Arginine comes in powder or pill form and is taken daily.
4. BCAAsBranched Chained Amino Acids are an excellent supplement combined with protein powder as it gives bodybuilders an extra boost throughout the day. BCAAs are made to be taken throughout the day rather than after a workout, which keeps the body getting the proper nutrition for looking great!

5. GlutamineOne of the biggest problems to conquer with weight training is soreness. Glutamine helps all bodybuilders recover quicker by boosting the immune system. Glutamine also gets results quicker by speeding up the process of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

While protein powder may be the most important component of all of the supplements, all of the products listed will help bring the best results.

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