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Boulders for shoulders? Here's how!

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Boulders for shoulders? Here's how!

The shoulders, they simply define masculinity. Why else would we have shoulder pads in suits if it wasn't to make us look more 'manly?' 

In this respect does any other muscle group require 'padding' in clothing?

This tip applies to the 'breaking down' of the front area of the shoulders, the largest/strongest of the 'deltoids.'

Granted, I'd certainly not be pushing the boundaries by expressing the need to 'press.' No, as with all my tips they simply serve to supplement your training as opposed to re-defining 'the wheel!' Tips by definition are exactly that, the 'icing on the cake' that over time can make a genuine difference.

So, back to the subject matter - boulders for shoulders? 

After each session of shoulder pressing (whether be pre-exhaustion or not) simply undertake 4 sets of seated incline, front dumbbell raises.

Make no mistake, this is by a country mile the most effective yet least known exercise in the gym.

Set up the bench in the same manner as you would for seated incline dumbbell curls. Grab yourself a pair of dumbbells weighing between 5KG and 15KG depending - it really is that taxing! 

In the style of 'front lateral raises' straighten your arms and let the resistance lower them to the point they're nearly touching your knees (never let them touch) then as you exhale raise both arms approximately a foot above eye level keeping the wrists perfectly straight. Perform this over 8-12 rep over a series of 4 sets.

The 'feel' and subsequent results of this exercise are dramatic, you'll be genuinely surprised how difficult this somewhat simple movement is - you only stand to benefit!

Remember - Shoulders Maketh The Man - So Go Maketh The Shoulders!

Happy Training!

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