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Udo's choice is the market leader with regards to nutrtional oil and it has even gained the backing of the UK's most recognised nutritionists; Dr Gillian McKeith and Patrick Holford. Udo's has so many benefits, if you were to ask 10 people why they used this source of omega 3, 6 & 9 you would get 10 differant answers.

A common misconception people have with fats is that they are all bad, but essential fats actually help burn body fat and make for a slimmer person. All fats including essential fats suppress appetite and unlike carbohydrates, they keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable and prevent the high/low blood sugar cycle.

Udo's choice also aids improved joint function and joint mobility with less joint pain and tenderness, some athletes report reduced imflammation and the accelerated healing of injuries.

Udo's is also used because of it's aids aademically, people who supplement with udo's get an improvement of the initiation, maintenance and quality of sleep, berry focus and concentration, also a better recollection of numbers, facts and formulas (improved short term memory) All the udos range is available from Affordable Supplements and in stock, available for free same day dispatch. If you should require any additonal information about any of the udos range, please contact us, either via the online chat feature on our website or on the phone; 01977 554455

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