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Affordable Supplements and Reflex Nutrition stretch back now over a decade. In many ways both companies are intertwined with ideals & goals, along with maintaining exacting levels of service.

In our opinion Reflex Nutrition are unsurpassed in their comprehensive range of sports supplements, actually producing many in-house at a state of the art, purpose built UK factory.

The Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey is the best whey product available from Affordable Supplements, this product has proved time and time again to be the most popular product not only in the protein section, but from the whole site!

It's recent reformulation has made it even better than before, adding the new native way to the formulation of the way means the product is now even higher in antioxidants and BCAA's as well as a far superior source of protein than its competitors being it is not a byproduct of anything unlike standard whey.

Whenever you order a Reflex Nutrition product from Affordable Supplements you can do so in confidence as we offer a Zero Hassle 100% money back Guarantee.

All orders are shipped the same working day. Please feel free to call us for any product advice, we also welcome any feedback as we work very closely with Reflex Nutrition. A bit about the Reflex Nutrition brand. Founded in 1996, by James Philips, Reflex Nutrition aims to provide UK bodybuilders and sports people with the best products with a better quality than cometing products from the USA. Reflex Nutrition products are competitively priced and we at Affordable Supplements can get them to you via courier or Royal Mail.

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4.9 / 5 stars