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Although new to Affordable Supplements Kinetica's parent company were one of the 1st to start comercially marketing whey protein over 30 years ago. This means that you benifit from all those years of experience in creating excellent high quality products that give you the best results possible.

In addition Kinetica's sister company, Synergy Flavours has teams around the world dedicated to making sure your products taste the best that they can, meaning Kinetica's Products are effective and also enjoyable. With the Affordable Supplements seal of approval in both of these categories we believe Kinetica have huge potential to become one of our best selling new brands!

Constantly trying to keep their products up to date and of the highest quality in their state of the art facilities means that the Kinetica can only improve on what is an already excellent brand! Keep an eye out for their latest products in stock at

if you require any information on any aspect of the Kinetica brand, or any other we stock for that matter, dont hesitate to contact our dedicated Affordable Supplements advice line.

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